We have integrated Competency-Based Selection into our recruitment process, our clients are encouraged to define their required core competencies and functional competencies for each job requisition, these are what U&Us target during our effective screening process. The CAT or STAR Approach is what we always exercise during our interviews.


1. understand the CLIENT’S NEED

Besides asking for information on the required qualification, roles / responsibilities, functional competencies and compensation & benefits for the client’s required position, U&Us will encourage client to share further information regarding the client company’s profile, core competencies, organization culture / environment and etc. Such information is deemed essential for conducting the effective candidate selection, company’s preference and candidate’s preference should be met.

2. Submission of POTENTIAL Candidates

U&Us shall seek potential candidates following the need of client through our above mentioned selection and may incorporate some test (if required) and shall submit the most matched-candidates to the clients.

3. Interview Arrangement

U&Us shall arrange the interview arrangement between the short-listed candidates and clients.

4. Successful Placement

U&Us shall assist both the client and the candidate in conclusion of the hiring, e.g. negotiation of compensation and benefits (if needed), arrangement of job commencement date and employment contract signing and etc.

5. After- Placement Follow-Up

U&Us Us shall follow up both the client (for hiring satisfaction) and our successful candidate (for job satisfaction).